Iowa Code Camp IV – A Love Story

The 4th Iowa Code Camp is now over and my heart is broken. I wish we could do these every weekend, I had an amazing time! Also, like most code camps and conferences, it was another good opportunity to put some faces on Twitter handles and meet new people.

I had a really good turnout for my jQuery presentation (I say that because we ran out of chairs in the room), but I have a lot of improvements to make. If anybody that attended my session has any feedback they couldn’t fit on the evaluation form, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


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  1. Chris,

    Really not enough room on the comment form.

    Great session. Saw a lot of jQuery that I hadn’t seen before.

    You threw out a disclaimer that if people didn’t understand the document ready example that they probably weren’t going to get much out of the session. I bet that wasn’t true as you did a good job of explaining what was going on. I think if you took 3 minutes to describe the initial code that would have been great for any newbies.

    The first few minutes were a little slow. You were talking to selectors, but not showing any examples. Once you got to the validation section, your passion for the framework really came through. I note that that was when you really started showing jQuery running and then changing things on the fly. From there we were off to the races.

    A great talk and totally worth sitting on the floor in the overflow space.

  2. Thanks for the feedback David!

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