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Speaking at Iowa Code Camp

I’m speaking at Iowa Code Camp April 30th on unit testing for those who haven’t unit tested before. I will post my code and my slides some time next week, but if you’re in the area and you haven’t ever written a unit test (I know you’re out there!), come to my presentation with a quiver of questions.

It’s at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA, Iowa Hall Room D at 10:30am.


Number 10,000!

I’m a big fan of statistics and numbers that are nice and round for human consumption. I just reached my 10,000th tweet on Twitter and thought I’d celebrate by writing up a blog post.

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Stats are More Fun When Made Up

I bought a domain a long time ago with the hopes of creating an application to host some fun and made up stats. For too long I’ve been using this site as a playground to learn new things. The problem with that is that I’m never actually done. I decided to do something super simple using AppHarbor and now is now finally live and showing some garbage fun statistics. I decided to not over-engineer this site and just get it live. Feel free to leave me a comment for features I should add. If you have a stat you want added, for now, just let me know via Twitter or Facebook and I’ll add your bogus stat.