Number 10,000!

I’m a big fan of statistics and numbers that are nice and round for human consumption. I just reached my 10,000th tweet on Twitter and thought I’d celebrate by writing up a blog post.

tl;dr – Just read the bullet points…

Having 10,000 of anything is quite a big achievement for something in my opinion. It’s a much larger number than you can keep in your mind at any given time. I’m not trying to boast about this number, there are Twitter users with many times more (30,000+) tweets than myself. I just wanted to put a few things in perspective for fun.

I joined twitter on 08/08/08 and have been tweeting over 10 times per day, or once every two and a half hours since then. Some days, weeks, months, more than others, but that’s how averages work. To put that into perspective:

In the Twitterverse:

  • I have tweeted more in April 2011 than any other month.
  • My leasted tweeted full month was January 2011, I had only 97.
  • I tweet more on Wednesdays than any other day of the week.
  • The hour of 10pm contains my most tweets with over 700, the 4am hour is the least with 4 tweets.
  • I have followed 529 total people and had 704 total follow me.
  • If I tweet once per day since I was born, I’d be 428 days younger than I am now. (+10 internets for the first one to figure out the day I was born)

In the real world:

  • I could have spent each tweet on about one species of bird per tweet and have just gotten to them all now.
  • My car has approximately 9.99 miles lifetime for each time I’ve tweeted.
  • Since I began tweeting, 1529 military personal have been killed in Afganistan (that’s just troops), and another 326 have been killed in Iraq.
  • We have discovered 7 extrasolar planets, confirmed.
  • There have been about 16 deaths due to oil power accidents.
  • There have been approximately 80 deaths due to coal power accidents.
  • There have been 0 deaths due to nuclear power accidents.
  • Known plane crashes: 128
What’s in store for the next 10,000 tweets? Probably nothing that’s not in the first 10,000. I don’t plan on changing any time soon, but I imagine that Twitter will likely figure out a bit more of it’s business plan by then. I’ll be pissed about one thing or another during that time, complain about it, and then go on living my life.

2 responses to this post.

  1. You’re right Matt (if my calculation was correct, oops). It should have been 417 days since my birthday is 10/21/1982. My bad…

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