Austin, Texas – Year One

It’s nearly the second weekend of February. Normally this isn’t a big deal, but to me it marks the end of the first complete year I’ve lived in Austin, Texas. If my time here hadn’t gone so great, this wouldn’t be worth typing. My time here has been great, so to me, that’s a big deal.

I left a tremendous job and many great people in Iowa for a chance at a dream job with brilliant folks in Austin. I greatly miss my friends in Iowa, but I have no regrets in my decision. Rather than give you all a long winded explanation of what I’m missing and what I’ve gained, I’m going to bullet-point this thing.

Things I miss:

  • Family (you know who you are)
  • Friends (you also know who you are)
  • Coworkers (come on…)
  • Mulligan’s
  • Iowa Hawkeye football/tailgating
  • The ability to buy beer after midnight (sometimes)
  • CRBC (and team)
  • Iowa “traffic”
  • The Iowa startup/entrepreneurial community

Things I don’t miss:

  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Cold
  • Driving 25 miles to work
  • Not having a tech user group or conference available every night of the week.

Things I’ve learned:

  • Everything tastes better with avocado
  • Even my best beard/mustache is lame here
  • Temperatures of 100+ are nice when you have three per year, but not when you have thirty per year.
  • A city can grow as fast as technology can grow
  • Austin traffic sucks
  • You can enjoy pub trivia almost every night of the week. Why is Cedar Rapids not doing this?!
  • It’s more dangerous to drive in rain in Texas than snow in Iowa.
  • If you go camping in Texas, know the terrain you’ll be dealing with before packing.


  • Not spending enough time with friends before I left.
  • Buying a house. No offense to people that own a house, sell houses, or are looking to buy one. But what a terrible decision for a single person. I grew up thinking that it was a wise “investment”. It’s definitely not an investment, it’s a money pit. Hit me up offline if you’d like a more detailed opinion on the matter.
  • I should have hired a moving company to get my crap here. It seems the cost would have been about the same and I wouldn’t have had nearly as many headaches as I did.

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