Community Involvement

Iowa Code Camp

Web site:
Title: Vice President
Duration: Fall 2009 – Present

Any kind of help that is needed with the code camp involves all leaders, but working with sponsorhip I’m required to find area businesses and companies and allow them to sponsor our code camp.


Web site:
Title: Webmaster/Communications
Duration: January 2008 – Present

My primary duties involved managing the email communication to the hundreds of users in the mailing list. Usually three times per month, emails are sent out keeping the members up to date with reminders and notices on upcoming meetings and any information from previous meetings in follow-up messages.


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Title: None/Organizers
Duration: May 2011 – Present

IowaJS started as a topic at the Spring 2011 Iowa Code Camp and a couple weeks later had the first meeting. The organization is still very young, but we’re getting lots of people to show up that are very interested in JavaScript. Our meetings are more like meetups than presentations, everything is very informal by design.


Web site:
Title: Barcamp CTO
Duration: August 2011 – Present

Barcamps stray outside my normal community of software people, but there’s enough overlap and diversity to make it something that I’m happy to be a part of.

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