Conferences & Camels, Dancing & Deer

I just finished up a really, really great weekend! I figured I should share my experiences with the public and so I don’t forget that all these things happened within the span of a few days.

Dallas Day of .Net and CTXDNUG (3/8/12 – 3/10/12)

There were nine Headspringers that attended Dallas Day of .Net and I was one of them. The conference went pretty well, I was able to see Scott Hanselman present for the first time and he did not disappoint. Even if you’re not a techie, you would still probably enjoy one of his talks. I was also lucky enough to have some good conversation and add some faces to their twitter handles. On the way to Dallas, a few of us stopped in Temple to see Brandon Satrom present some thoughts on CoffeeScript. We had a good discussion as well as a good time.

After the first day of DDODN many of us went out for food and drinks. Our attempt to go to a restaurant that doesn’t take reservations, on a Friday night, with about 15 people… didn’t go so well. We ended up wandering about until finally visiting Chik-fil-a, a Chinese Buffet Sports Bar with karaoke (that’s right) and Applebee’s.

Tom+Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party (3/10/12 – 3/11/12)

As soon as I was back in Austin, I headed south to meet friends to hit up a Decentralized Dance Party. If you don’t know what this is, be sure to check it out. The photos you’ll see below DDP were taken by Joe Lee.

Also, here is some video from the Austin DDP:

A Rooster Breakfast Guest (3/11/12)

After a long night, Sunday morning called for some delicious breakfast. Five of headed to two restaurants before finding a really amazing spot for. The first place we stopped were able to seat us right away, but after about 10 minutes and nobody acknowledging us, we opted to leave. We were hungry and didn’t have time to mess around! Our second stop didn’t offer their special until 3pm, so that was out of the question. We stumbled upon El Alma. Everything about that place was fantastic! The staff was polite, friendly and knowledgeable, the Mimosas had a hint of mango, food was crazy delicious and there were awesome paintings of roosters on the walls from local artist Benito Lopez.

Our trip away from El Alma put us straight in the path of couple of Spartans (from Halo), an awesome camel that just took a trip through the car wash and a speeding car in our lane that almost totally killed us all. It was wild.

After some of that crazy, almost getting killed nonsense, the next best thing to do was hang out in the gorgeous weather with a pool and hot tub. The pool was slightly cold, but the hot tub was great!

The Not-Free Free Concert, Beer and Deer (3/11/12)

Later that evening a few of us attempted to hit up a concert that was free, but only free in the sense that you need to have a not-free SXSW badge. It turned out alright because we bar-hopped for the remainder of the night. I enjoyed a few drinks and consumed some pork sliders from The Seedling Truck. They were hella-good!

After being away from my apartment for almost 90 straight hours, it was time to head back. I had some friendly woodland creatures hanging out next to the driveway in. I decided to hop out and take their picture since they were all posing for me.


The Important Information

Here you will find information about my work and involvement in the community. You may also find some blog posts about topics ranging from software to comics. I hope you find what you’re looking for and feel free to contact me about anything.

Good Personal Description

I just typed the following about myself. I thought it was put fairly well:

I consider myself an odd introvert. While I’m uncomfortable meeting new people that are outside my comfort zone, I will sometimes give presentations to 30-50 strangers for over an hour and feel comfortable for the most part. It just has to be my interest or specialty.

I figured it was a good enough partial description of my personality to share. :)

In Iowa? Love JavaScript?

Over the weekend during some Iowa Code Camp festivities, there was some talk about starting a JavaScript group in the area. With some help from Nathan Smith, we have gotten the ball rolling! Things are still incredibly new right now, but let us know through whatever channel you’re comfortable if you have something to ask or suggest.

Visit Iowa JavaScript for more information or leave a comment below!

Speaking at Iowa Code Camp

I’m speaking at Iowa Code Camp April 30th on unit testing for those who haven’t unit tested before. I will post my code and my slides some time next week, but if you’re in the area and you haven’t ever written a unit test (I know you’re out there!), come to my presentation with a quiver of questions.

It’s at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA, Iowa Hall Room D at 10:30am.

Number 10,000!

I’m a big fan of statistics and numbers that are nice and round for human consumption. I just reached my 10,000th tweet on Twitter and thought I’d celebrate by writing up a blog post.

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Stats are More Fun When Made Up

I bought a domain a long time ago with the hopes of creating an application to host some fun and made up stats. For too long I’ve been using this site as a playground to learn new things. The problem with that is that I’m never actually done. I decided to do something super simple using AppHarbor and now is now finally live and showing some garbage fun statistics. I decided to not over-engineer this site and just get it live. Feel free to leave me a comment for features I should add. If you have a stat you want added, for now, just let me know via Twitter or Facebook and I’ll add your bogus stat.