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Headspring – It’s going great!

So I’ve been working at Headspring for just over a year and still very happy with my decision to move to from Iowa to Texas for this job. Even if we weren’t doing a tremendous job, and growing at a great pace, I’d still be happy. The rapid growth is bringing on much exciting news:

  • We are expanding to Houston! – When I started, we had a small office (now we have 4x the space) as well as an office opening in Houston very soon.
  • We are hiring like crazy! – Last time I counted, we have had 16 new hires since me in Feb 2012. I can’t wait to count in another 11 months.
  • We have created Headspring Mobile – So if you want to come work with us and build mobile apps… You know what to do.

The best part about all the news over the past year is that the new office is right across the street from my place. :)

P.S. – See how awesome we are: